A good song can spin tales, tug at your heart strings, or deliver social satire and fun.  This is my guide to create a song - to entertain, let you know you're not the only one going through the trials of life, and make you laugh. 

2018 will bring the release of a new album!  It's currently in production in Gary Gordon's Inside Out Studios.  Click here to see some videos and check out some recent fully-produced demos as well as some older guitar/vocal ones.

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Peace and Be Well!


Loving Being Back in Portland! 

Just did my first gig in Portland at the Wind Horse Coffee & Tea in the town of Milwaukie!  Thanks to Ray and Kerry Peck for their kindness and hospitality.  It was a bustling First Friday in the SE town and the espresso machine was doing its thing.  I played originals  and some covers and had a blast.  Thanks to those who came out!

The weather is beautiful and I am becoming reacquainted with beautiful hikes and drives in gorgeous Oregon  I lived here 10 years ago and it has grown!  I'm getting settled into my new apartment in SW Portland and marketing myself for free lance work doing writing/editing, music lessons and music gigs.  Found awesome teachers for guitar, voice and piano, so the wood-shedding continues!

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