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Episode 001 - We Are Fighting Evil Right Now: Let’s Wake up and Smell the Coffee!

I tell a little about my personal faith journey and about how we are in a spiritual battle between good and evil and how it is ramping up.

Episode 002 - We Are Fighting Evil Right Now: What Exactly is a Demon? 

In this episode of Clarion Call podcast, I talk about some of my experiences with demonic activity in the New Age, as well as show and discuss a clip from Pastor and Writer Derek Prince who specialized in spiritual warfare.

Episode 003 - We Are Fighting Evil Right Now: They Are Coming for Our Children

In this episode, I highlight some alarming statistics of depression and suicide of our youth and quote scripture that can encourage us. I go over several cultural influences that are negatively influencing our youth but also how God is moving!

Episode 004 - 44 Years in the Wilderness: Chapter 1 - From Liberal Christian to Radical Left Agnostic

This is the first installment of my testimony of coming to Christ after being away for 44 years. I cover my Christian upbringing, our family leaving the church and going Unitarian, and my Quaker college's left-wing influences.